Service Level Agreements

As a valued customer of Just Technology Group, we have set out Service Level terms that you can expect from us.  When you email or call the Service Desk, they will assign the case a priority status as follows:

  • P1 – Critical: 30 minute response; 8 hour resolution
  • P2 – High: 1 hour response; 2 working day resolution
  • P3 – Medium: 2 hour response; 3 working day resolution
  • P4 – Low: 4 hour response; 5 working day resolution

If you have a P1 / Critical Incident – please log this via phone or via the portal with your log in details.

If this is logged via email, it will automatically be assigned as a P3 Incident and will not be looked at for up to two hours.

If the response time isn’t met, your issue will automatically be escalated to the appropriate Supervisor and Manager for action. Please contact the Service Desk at or call on 0333 240 7487

If you have a valid out of hours support contract, please dial 0333 240 7487 where you will be presented with the Out of Hours Helpline.  If your issue is regarding a leased line, please follow the following steps before logging a fault:

  1. Please check the lights on the Adva box for power.
  2. Check for warning lights on Adva Box.
  3. Reboot the Adva box by unplugging both power cables at the same time then plugging them back in again.
  4. Reboot the Firewall the Adva box is plugged into.
  5. Check all the Ethernet cables are plugged in.
  6. If the above actions do not resolve the problem, please call us and we will log a call with the supplier who will look at the issue within their SLA.