Technology for your Business

Technology Services we offer, for any organisations. No matter the size or sector, we’ve got you covered. Offering our Technological services and expertise since 2006. Our Expert Team can help you with whatever you need. 


Providing safe, secure and reliable connections to servers, clouds or the internet.


We host your website on our server so you don't have to. Saving you space and bandwidth.


Cloud storage, encryption and safety is your worry so it's our main concern.

Cyber Security

Keeping on top of your security to prevent, phishing attacks, malware and data breaches.


Supplying all sizes of firewalls, we help all our customers find and install a firewall to match their business.

Phone Lines

All kind of phone lines for a fast and inclusive system so you can stay connected to customers and colleagues alike.

We Will Help You, Every Step of the Way!

Just Firewalls supply a broad range of market-leading firewalls at competitive prices. However, we don’t just want to sell you a black box. We pride ourselves on helping all our customers to find and install the right firewall to meet their precise business requirements.

In the event of a cyber attack, Just Cyber Security have disaster recovery planning. This can ensure your data and technology is secured. Alternatively, you can take our online courses, to protect employees and customers. Highlighting vulnerabilities to hackers and how you can take measures to prevent that.  

Just Business Phones can offer a range of phone systems, from cloud based and hosted platforms to on premise solutions to fit your industry and how you operate. 

Let us take care of your phones, so you can take care of your business.

Just Connectivity connects you securely to the internet. Using wireless, fibre and/or copper based Leased Lines. Also providing expertise in communication technologies such as MPLS and SD-WAN, that help bigger businesses scale up their connections, so they can communicate quicker and more securely.