Cybercrime is a lucrative industry.

It’s the biggest threat to businesses, it’s getting increasingly difficult to defend no matter your size. Hackers aren’t bothered anymore; they’re targeting anyone and anything to make money.

The latest cyber software while helpful isn’t enough or cost effective for everyone. If you have the right checks and systems in place, you should be able to catch them before they do any real damage. Training and awareness also play a role in that. We research, track, and employ all kind of gadgets and technology to keep businesses secure. This is especially important when operating on a small budget, we aim to maximise productivity but minimise costs.

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How we protect your business

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    Penetration testing systems

    Eradicate cyber security doubts and resolve invisible cyber flaws with penetration testing from Just Cyber Security.

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    Managed security services

    Stop hacks and leaks in moments with managed IT security services with tailored, remote IT security management using globally sourced threat intelligence.

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    Network security monitoring

    Our totally managed-for-you NSM service provides watertight, real-time network monitoring with a human touch.

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    Cyber incident response

    When you’re on the receiving end of a cyberattack, every moment counts. Our team are on hand to manage and mitigate any cyber threat.


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the way protect devices, like phones, laptops, tablets, and computers, it also covers the services you use online. It prevents damages, theft, or unauthorised access. Data can also be used against companies or employees, both internally and externally. Implementing security measures and controls can allow you to monitor and track all incoming and outgoing traffic. This way if an incident occurs, you will know about it and can limit their access or damage to the system.


What is Network Security?

Network security is a set of configurations that are created to protect, secure and limit access to networks and data through software or hardware. Those rules and pre-defined parameters prevent unauthorised access and hacking. Your IT infrastructure is the bones of your business, they connect everything together. Cyber threats are always changing, and new vulnerabilities are always being discovered in different areas. Businesses who suffer downtime can experience widespread disruptions along with repercussions with finances and reputation.

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